Medinotec Inc. Strategy

Medinotec Inc.’s objective is to become one of the significant industry players within the next five years. We plan to achieve this by:

  1. growing our product range; 
  2. building our competences; and
  3. through making strategic acquisitions.

Our strategy includes investing in the entire value chain ranging from the importation of raw materials, manufacturing capabilities and the marketing and selling of products, through to the distribution of our products to customers via our sales network.

To date organic growth has been supported by strong management teams and the development of intellectual property identified and then executed upon. Regardless of whether we own 100% of the med-tech or retain a smaller percentage ownership via acquisitions, the model is supported by the strength and reach of the distribution channels we have created or partnered with over the past years.

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Our Strategic Differentiators

We attribute our success to the following key strengths:

  • Commitment to innovation: We are dedicated to continuing to develop patentable products and offerings through research and development (“R&D”). We have accelerated R&D efforts and made the route to market shorter. Most of our products carry the European CE Mark of approval, and we are in the process of obtaining the required US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) certification for our devices.
  • Experienced management team: Our management team brings significant experience to the dynamic environment in which we operate. Their expertise covers a range of disciplines, including industry-specific operating and technical knowledge. The team include medical doctors.
  • Extensive geographic footprint: We believe that the strategic location of our facilities and logistics capabilities contribute to our customer retention rates and our ability to reach broader market In South Africa, we service the main hospital groups in both the public and private sector. Our customers also include clinics, third-party healthcare providers, distributors, and other institutions, including governmental healthcare programs and group purchasing organizations (“GPOs”).
  • Low-cost operating structure: We focus on building and operating facilities with low operating costs to enable us to better manage market downturns.
  • Strong relationships with customers: We have a long and enviable track record of timely delivery of products. Our extensive network of technical resources and other expertise enables us to collaborate with customers to develop product offerings to improve their satisfaction.
  • Extensive knowledge of setting up distribution channels: We have various exclusive distribution agreements in place with distributors to ensure our products are incorporated into a world-class product mix, which includes some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies available today.

Focus on safety and wellbeing: We focus on the safety of our employees and our patients, and maintain safe and responsible operations. We are known in the communities in which we operate as a preferred employer and as a responsible corporate citizen.

The Three Pillars of our Strategy

Medinotec Inc

Underpinned by commercial excellence

We are a highly successful company that has been investing heavily in our own intellectual property and in the research, development and manufacturing techniques of unique, niche medical devices, creating a value base that is ready to enter advanced high-value markets in the US and Europe.

Our approach, agility and excellent production capabilities allow us to capitalise on key medical trends.

Our in-depth market knowledge and understanding enables us to anticipate market needs.

Organic growth from established, strong, resilient products, with a focus on owned IP.

Accelerated product development, innovation and speed to market.

A focus on cost reduction, equipment upgrades and low-cost facilities.

Medinotec Inc.

Through strategic initiatives

We invest in research and design to introduce new cutting-edge products, technologies, efficiency improvements and capacity expansion into new growth categories.

By leveraging off our low cost base in South Africa, we aim to become one of the leading med-tech companies in the world.

We focus on processing from manufacturing to customer relationships.

We will build strategic alliances with international customers and suppliers

Medinotec Inc.

Underpinned by commercial excellence

Our acquisitive growth strategy focussed on capacity or capability-enhancing businesses or as an entry into new or high-growth product categories and markets.

We will also focus on acquiring complementary IP and businesses.

We will pro-activeley identify strategic bolt-on acquisitions to fill gaps in our existing product categories and manufacturing lines.

All supported by our intellectual property (IP)

  • We hold various product registration certificates and operating licenses, allowing us to operate as a medical device importer/experter and manufacturer.
  • We hold patents, trademarks, and other intangible proprietary rights that are considered material to the business and our ability to compete effectively.
  • We have patent protection in place in the US, China, Europe, Middle East, South America and Australia for patentable subject matter.
  • Medinotec is currently a market leader in dilation technology.