About Medinotec Inc.

Medinotec Inc. is a US-based company with a primary investment in DISA Medinotec ("Medinotec"), a South African medical device manufacturing and distribution company, which in managements opinion is a global leader in tracheal non-occlusive airway dilation technology and medical device design. The Group has experience in establishing facilities for the manufacturing and design of niche medical devices and establishing international distribution networks to commercialize these devices. Medinotec Inc. is seeking to expand sales and distribution operations into the US market. 

In 2018 Medinotec developed its most innovative product to date – the Trachealator. This award-winning, FDA-approved balloon catheter was developed to address an as-yet unmet global need in the specialty of advanced airway management, more specifically tracheal dilation. What makes this innovative product a world-first is its ability to dilate a patient’s airway while maintaining ventilation to the patient without obstructing his/her airway.

This life-saving device has quite literally changed the way that tracheal and, to a degree, bronchial stenosis, is managed in very ill patients. This is especially true in a post Covid-19 world where tracheal stenosis due to extended tracheal intubation has become an ever more frequent pathology encountered by surgeons, who, thanks to Medinotec, now have a safe and effective tool at their disposal.

 Medinotec Inc.

Other key products include:

  • A range of Semi-Compliant Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (“PTCA”) balloon catheters known as the Cape Cross.
  • The Lamprey Suction Dissector, a surgical tool used to safely combine the processes of suctioning blood out of the surgeon’s field of view while allowing him/her to dissect sensitive structures without having to change instruments.
  • The Aortic Perfusion and Dilation Catheter, a novel non-occlusive perfusion balloon to allow the expansion of the aortic valve without impeding cardiac output.
  • A highly specific, niche Chronic Total Occlusion (“CTO”) Catheter. This micro balloon catheter addresses a very specific market need for difficult coronary cases.
  • A new self-expanding, temporary, silicone Tracheal Stent to be used in conjunction with the Trachealator in the treatment of tracheal stenosis.

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